running grey

running grey

Monday, 12 November 2012

Greyhound registration fees waived to 31st December

It's a great time to be owning a greyhound.
The GBGB have waived the registration fees for greyhound ownership until 31st December so now you can save even more money.

If you are interested in owning a racing greyhound please get in touch as it is not as expensive as you think.
My kennel fees are £6.00 per day which is one of the cheapest around and with good prize money at Romford theres never been a better time to own a greyhound.
You could even get a friend to come in with you which will make it cheaper and provide lots of fun. free passes are given to all owners which is another massive saving.
GBGB Statement

The Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) is pleased to announce that greyhound registration fees (£26 each) will be waived until December 31st, a saving of approximately £50,000 for all owners and trainers. The decision follows the news in July this year that the governing body had waived the £26 transfer of ownership fee from 1st August to year-end, representing a further saving of approximately £25,000.

Barry Faulkner, GBGB Chief Executive said:

“The GBGB is aware that for many in the sport, times are difficult. Greyhound racing is not immune from the effects of the double-dip recession but we hope that by bearing some of these administrative costs, a potential barrier to both getting involved with and continuing greyhound ownership is removed.”

Fees for greyhounds that have been registered with the GBGB from 1st October will be refunded to allow three months of savings. Please note that this does not affect fees payable for registering greyhounds or transfer of ownership in the relevant Stud Book (Greyhound Stud Book/Irish Coursing Club).

For further information please contact GBGB Licensing and Registry Department on 020 7421 3770.

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